Identidad corporativa de Oceanía Símbolo monetario Goote
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The Goote Project

Identity and currency design | CFP

The Goote Project is a currency graphic concept, born of two dystopian fiction novels: We (Yevgueni Zamyatin, 1921) and 1984 (George Orwell, 1948).

There are five values​​, depending on the goods or services referred to each Goote: Routeport, territorial mobility; Safestrong, security and domestic material; Infoknow, information and education; Homeostasis, food; and Restsonal, intimate relationships.

More information thegooteproject.com

Published in: Briefing Galego, Creativos anónimos, Croa Magazine, Yorokobu, Gràffica, Étapes Diplômes.